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Paynesville Press - August 15, 2001

View from the Lake

People have strong feelings about Koronis

By Linda Lorentzen

Lake Koronis was the focus of several small articles in the 1892 New Paynesville Press. Topics of visitors, a sailing expedition, a church picnic, and even a scarcity of ice found their way into the paper.

"Miss Rosie Rogers, of Ipswich, S.D., is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Rice. She is delighted with this most beautiful resort, and thinks Lake Koronis the queen of all lakes."

"John G. Taylor, formerly General Passenger Agent of the Soo Line, was in town last Friday and Saturday. He is one of the most genial and obliging railroad officials we ever met. He was successful too, and numbered his friends by the score. He went down to see our pride­Lake Koronis, and admired it as much as anyone. He promised to return soon, and give our brag fisherman pointers on catching big fish. If he doesn't get hints enough and material enough to make a whale story, we will give up our reputations as a prophesier."

"Ed Russell has resigned his job as traveling man, and will spend a month or so looking after the crop on his farm near Browns Valley. He will then re-engage in business of his own. He and his wife and some city friends will spend the remainder of this week cultivating the acquaintance of lovely Lake Koronis. No one who ever saw this glorious sheet of water once, can ever forget it, nor prevent a longing to see it again. It is a jewel richly set, and Mr. Russell is one of its most ardent admirers." "Last Thursday Alf Alger, Wm. Hinds, Benj. Hinds, Lige Hammond, Miss Hattie Davis, Miss Lillie Merrill and Miss Manda Hinds, came over the lake in a sailboat; took in New Paynesville, chewed lemonade, peanuts and gum, and had their bangs trimmed."

"The M. E. Sunday School had its picnic last Saturday, and it was very pleasant. These occurrences are bright spots in the lives of the children, and are a benefit to the older people. Lake Koronis is just the proper distance from town to make a picnic enjoyable. It is near enough to be easy to reach, and far enough away to be beyond the dust of the town." "There is a scarcity of ice here, it being no easy matter to get all that is wanted for use these hot summer days. It is a wonder that no one takes thought enough in the winter to put up an abundance for all the summer trade that may arise. This scarcity has occurred every summer and each one we think, will surely be the last. When putting up ice at all, it is very little extra expense to increase the quantity, and thus provide for all possible demand. We drop these remarks now, in hopes that someone next winter will bear them in mind, and harvest an abundance of frozen comfort."

The similarities between items reported in 1892 and those reported in 2001 have to do with feelings about Lake Koronis. People have been attracted to Koronis' shores because of its beauty and opportunity for recreation. All of us lucky enough to have an association with Lake Koronis can reflect on the past, enjoy the present, and hope for a future view from the lake.

Information for this column was taken from the following issues of the New Paynesville Press: July 21, 1892, July 28, 1892; August 4, 1892.

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