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Paynesville Press - July 18, 2001

View from the Lake

Eavesdropping on summer (1930) events

By Linda Lorentzen

Social events of the summer months of 1930 often involved a Lake Koronis location and were communicated weekly to the Paynesville Press audience. Reading about the various events gives the impression of harmless eaves-dropping on the past.

"The Campfire Group, with Mrs. Huntington and Miss Fairchild, had an overnight stay at the Huntington cottage at the lake. The girls cooked their own supper and breakfast. They also planned the menu, prepared and served the dinner. This is a requirement toward a Firemakers rank. As it was Virginia Bugbee's birthday, she was surprised with a birthday cake."

"Mrs. C. C. Tolman entertained the Bridge Club at her lake home last Friday afternoon."

"The annual M. E. Church picnic was enjoyed by a large crowd last Thursday. It was held at the South Koronis Community Park."

"Miss Janet Schwartz was hostess to a group of girlfriends at a house party at the Schwartz cottage at the lake over the weekend."

"The Albert Ramacciotti family of Omaha, Nebraska, have returned to their home after spending a week in the Honey Bee cottage at the Bugbee Hive."

"Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and daughter, Janet, of Minneapolis arrived at the H. A. Poehler cottage at the lake Sunday. Mr. Thomas returned to Minneapolis Monday. Mrs. Thomas and daughter remaining for a longer visit."

"Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Anderson and family returned to Omaha, Nebraska, Sunday after spending four weeks at the Phillips Cottage, Lake Koronis."

"Mesdames C. G. and G. A. LeMasurier were hostesses to the Tuesday Sewing Club at the LeMasurier cottage at the lake Friday afternoon."

"The Misses Emma Streitz and Millie Andrews were hostesses to a birthday party honoring Miss Kathryn Schwartz last evening. The affair was a surprise and was held at the R. F. Schwartz cottage at the lake."

"The 'Birthday Bunch' surprised Mrs. P. C. Pilon at her lake home last Friday afternoon to help celebrate her birthday. Mrs. Pilon was presented with a nice gift in remembrance of the occasion."

"Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Phillips arrived from Omaha, Nebraska Sunday for a stay at their lake home."

"Chester Lund of St. Cloud visited with Amos Nordlie at 'Sleepy Hollow' Lake Koronis last Friday evening."

"Dr. and Mrs. Erdman of Minneapolis are at their cottage at the lake to spend the remainder of the summer."

"Lieutenant and Mrs. Norman Brophy of Washington, D. C., were weekend guests of Mrs. W. I. Fisher at the lake."

"C. L. Peterson of Wahpeton, N. D. visited with the W. G. Bugbee family at the lake last week."

"Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Grays and R. C. Grays of Minneapolis spent the weekend at the Aaron Nehring cottage at the lake."

"Bob Erdman returned to the lake Saturday after spending a week in Minneapolis."

"Mesdames T. C. Hudson and W. S. Johnson are hostesses to the St. Stephen's Guild at the lake home of the latter this afternoon."

"Rev. and Mrs. Nelson of Grand Rapids have been guests for a few days of Mrs. Bugbee and Mrs. Harris at the Bugbee Hive."

"Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Byers and son, Donald, of St. Louis Park, Minn., are spending the week at Lake Koronis. Mr. Byers is a cousin of C. R. Hanson."

"Mrs. Laura Huff entertained at four tables of bridge at her lake home yesterday afternoon. Mrs. Ike Lunde and Mrs. L. W. Kannenberg were awarded the head honors and Mrs. Frank Haines low. Another delightful affair was given in the evening by Miss Vera Huff when she entertained a group of young ladies at three tables of bridge. High honors were taken by Miss Edna Goodman, while Miss Lund was awarded the booby price."

"Sunday dinner guests at the Fred Voss home were Rev. E. Helmer of Yakima, Washington, Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Johnston of Minneapolis, and Mr. and Mrs. August Holifer. The afternoon was spent at the South Koronis Farm and other scenic places along the beautiful shores of Lake Koronis."

These small glimpses into the lives of familiar names and places at Koronis help readers to get a flavor of the summer of 1930. Social opportunities at Lake Koronis are a common theme that links the past and the present while reinforcing the importance of a leisurely view from the lake.

Information for this column was taken from the following issues of the Paynesville Press: May 29, 1930; June 19, 1930; June 26, 1930; July 17, 1930; July 31, 1930; August 14, 1930; September 4, 1930; September 18, 1930.

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