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Roads to Lake Koronis has been a concern since the 1890s

This article submitted by Linda Lorentzen on 7/12/00.

Old road to Lake Koronis At the Lake Koronis Association's annual meeting, one of the reports was an update on the trail for the lake. Jeff Bertram, the committee chair, reported that although many rumors had surfaced no official plan has been made. In the early stages of planning, the committee had just met for the second time. A trail for pedestrians, bicyclists, and roller bladers would be a safer way for people to enjoy the lake scenery without the worry of being hit by a car on the road.

In 1901, the concern was not for a trail, but rather for the betterment of the roads to the lake. Even though the roads began to be cleared in the 1890s, the roads were far from flawless. Often large stumps made it difficult for a horse and carriage to pass. Funding for building better roads was always an issue.

The April 25, 1901, issue of the New Paynesville Press appealed to bicyclists for their assistance in repairing the roads. "In many of the smaller towns of this section we notice that the bicyclists are forming associations and levying a small tax upon the members for the purpose of constructing paths and improving the roads. Such an organization should be formed here. It ought not be difficult to secure fifty riders who would pay a membership of one dollar each. A good path could be constructed to Koronis Park for a very few dollars and it would be a delightful ride. The sentiment such a body would be able to create for good roads would be a great benefit to the community."

Just as the Lake Koronis Association of today takes an active role in helping move forward projects that benefit the lake and its dwellers, so did the Lake Koronis Improvement Association of 1897. This forerunner of our current association was concerned with the condition of the roadways to Koronis. They helped provide the needed manpower and the funding for improvement of the roads.

Prior to the Lake Koronis Improvement Association, numerous attempts had been made to fix the roads. In 1892, when the road was initially made from New Paynesville to Koronis, it ran from the south end of town to the north end by Koronis Park. Few volunteers and less money were available in 1893 to make repairs. References to numerous stumps in the road were made in 1894. Finally, after the association helped mobilize the population, repairs were made to the road in 1899.

Today, with the anticipation of a possible trail around part or all of Lake Koronis, the Lake Koronis Association is again helping interested parties to move ahead with the project. As Jeff Bertram reported, anyone with ideas is welcome to contact him. We can anticipate that whatever path the trail may take, it will provide a safer nonmotorized view from the lake.

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