A View of the Lake

This article submitted by Linda Lorentzen on 9/1/98.

Post cards dating from the early 1900s tell their stories in the pictures and in what the sender writes. Unlike most current post cards the older ones do not have a description of what is pictured. To determine the details of earlier post cards detective work is required. Such is the case with a post card that Dorothy Hendrickson received from a relative-in-law. The woman thought she might be interested in the post card with the picture of a steam boat on Lake Koronis.

The post card was postmarked in Grove City, Minnesota on Nov. 8, 1907, at 3 p.m. and also on Nov. 12, 1907, at 12 a.m. in Youngstown, Washington. Mattie Anderson, a resident living west of Nordland Lutheran Church, wrote the post card to Mrs. B.H. (Elsie) Svendsen. Anderson wrote, ďWas in Paynesville yesterday and got this, it reminded me of when we were together on this boat...Ē

The Paynesville Historical Society has pictures of early steam boats in the Koronis file. In addition the Lake Koronis display in the museum displays a few steam boat pictures, including one owned by George Stephens, the first owner of The New Paynesville Press.

By comparing pictures of the steam boats to Hendricksonís post card, it appears the boat was the one owned by Dr. Alex B. Chalmers. Little is known about Chalmers other than he was born in Scotland, ďjoined Jan. 19, 1983, initiated in North Dakota in 1896.Ē He practiced in Paynesville in 1904.

Several other steam boats had their home on Lake Koronis. In the July 4, 1995, ďView From the Lake,Ē discussion involved Abbott and Gerolamyís steam boat christened the ďKoronis.Ē Their steam boat was launched in 1897 and steamed on Lake Koronis until 1901 when it was sold at a sheriffís sale.

A steamer owned by A.M. Chisholm was one of the topics in the April 25, 1901, issue of The Paynesville Press. ďA.M. Chisholm removed the steamer recently purchased from E. A. Phipps, from the lake Saturday and it is now being repaired at the plaining (sic) mill, after which it will be shipped to Browns Valley.Ē By July 4, 1901, the steamer was again in the news. ďA.M. Chisholm and family came home from Browns Valley Tuesday and will again take up their residence here. The Phipps steamer returned with them and it will be launched on Koronis at once.Ē

One other small steamer, the ďWaneta,Ē was owned by N.W. Rice and E.W. Porter in 1901. They placed their steam boat on Koronis just before the July 4th holiday. Little other information is available about the steam boats who had their home on Koronis. They have taken their place in history having provided lake residents of the past with a view from the lake.

Acknowledgment: Special thanks to Dorothy Hendrickson who has provided many ideas for topics of columns. Iíve appreciated her support and encouragement and our joint love of Lake Koronis.

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