A View of the Lake

This article submitted by Linda Lorentzen on 8/11/98.

Each week I read Delores Hislop's column, "Town and Country News," with interest. If I recognize a few names I am lucky, but this doesn't deter my interest. Since I am a city dweller, I don't have access to the kind of personal/neighborhood news that is provided in the Paynesville Press. As I have reviewed old editions of the New Paynesville/ Paynesville Press, the neighborly news columns have been fascinating to read. Short stories have appeared, leaving me to imagine the results.

"Koronis Park News," in the 1890s, provided personal information about some of Lake Koronis' summer residents. In the July 26, 1894, edition, the following appeared: "J. Drinkwater and family have broken camp at Koronis and moved back to town after a pleasant week in the Phipps cottage."

"Editor Stephens and family are located about as cozily as anybody in their beautiful new cottage."

"F.R. Gibson and family seems to stay about as long as anybody, this being their fourth week."

"D.E. Olson and T. T. Lund have a tent in the park which they occupy occasionally."

"Jake Anderson of Osakis is the latest arrival at the lake. By the way, Jake, how about that hat?"

In the August 16, 1894, "Koronis Park News," a variety of items were reported. "Chester Haines spent Sunday afternoon in the park."

"O.C. Caswell went across the lake Sunday afternoon."

"W. W. Cummins was sketching views of the lake from the park on Sunday afternoon."

"W.A. Huntington and family are occupying their cottage with E.R. Phipps and family."

"Prof. A. Haines and J. Drinkwater were fishing last Friday from 11 a.m. till about 7 p.m. and caught 19 pickerel, pike and black bass. Mr. Drinkwater caught one pickerel weighing about nine pounds, also a black bass weighing about six pounds. Prof. Haines also caught a six-pound bass."

The neighborhood news columns also told of information related to boating. "The catamaran owned by Phipps and Caswell may be seen on the water most any time when there is a breeze."

"A.J. Alger was over on this side with his sailboat, and it is a fine one as everyone can testify who rides in it."

"Judge L. W. Collins and his three sons of St. Cloud are guests of Landlord Parsons this week. They have a new gasoline launch with them and are enjoying rustic life thoroughly."

"The flag ship, Robin, of the Koronis fleet was put out of commission by the recent storms. Several other boats were badly damaged."

"Dr. Pilon and some friends enjoyed a very pleasant evening on Lake Koronis Friday evening in Goodrich's gasoline launch, 'Standish.'"

Although names and times have changed from the first summer residents at Koronis, many things have not changed. We continue to head to the lake for picnics, vacations and boat rides. And with the writer in the August 16, 1900, column, I breathe a sigh of relief when I can report, "No accidents at the lake last Sunday." Koronis continues to provide a multi-experience view from the lake.

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