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Paynesville Press - November 25, 2015

Paynesville Area Public Notices

Jahnke Photography Certificate of Assumed name  

Stearns County Environmental Services Notice Of Public Hearing  

State Of Minnesota Notice and Order For Hearing on Petition For Descent of Property(Ron ald Elmer Laubach), Summons ( Keith K Batin vs.Kenneth A Gniffke and Marylin H. Gniffke and the unknown heirs of Kenneth A. Gniffke and Marylin H. Kniffke...)  

Paynesville Township Regular Meeting Notice  

Union Grove Township Meeting Notice  

Notices of Mortgage Foreclosures Sales: Jonathan Albert and Kathleen Albert, Westley H. David, Margaret M. Fabel, Joshua M. Fyle, Joy Parker and Joseph Haltom, Peggy Lynn Hopper and Eli Jackson Hopper, Elissa Janiak and John Janiak, John R. Kluver, Jeffrey W. Leitzen and Addie E. Wright, a/k/a Addie E. Leitzen, Jeffrey L. Lerum, Agnes M. Long, Willard M. Lorette III a/k/a Willard M. Lorette, Brenda J. Maranell and Daniel M. Maranell, Michael G. Nelson and Holly A. Nelson, Delmer E. Peterson and Marlys L. Peterson, Douglas Woolridge, Mary L. Rasmussen, Tabitha A. Sullivan, Joshua P. Thies a/k/a Joshua Thies and Jennifer Kotz- Thies a/k/a Jennifer Thies, Ryan D. Walters and Donna L. Knevel-Walters, Chris D. Welle, Robert P. Welz and Linda M. Welz, David D. Wieling and Nancy M. Wieling,   (Nov. 25)

Postponements: Timothy J. Kucala and Debra A. Kucala, Matthew Larson, a single man and Elise Rodgers   (Nov. 25)

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