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Paynesville Press - March 25, 2015

Paynesville Area Public Notices

State Of Minnesota Articles of Organization For A Limited Liability Company, Certificate Of Assumed Name: Roscoe Feed & Grain  

Eden Lake Township Important Information Regarding Assessment and Classification Of Property  

Union Grove Township Gravel Bid Notice  

Munson Township Board Of Equalization  

St. Martin Township Board Of Equalization  

Zion Township Gravel Quotations Notice, Dust Control Notice,  

City Of Paynesville Notice Of Abandoned Property Sale, Notice Of Abandoned Property Sale, Notice Of Abandoned Property Sale  

Notices of Mortgage Foreclosures Sales: Alvin C. Alger and Karen A. Alger, Robert W. Garland, Shelly Rakhshani, Robert W. Garland, Jane L. Hagerman and Scott W. Hagerman, Paul Hahn, and Andrea Hahn, Lonnie W. Herges and Michelle L. Herges, Eric Hoagland and Amy Hoagland, Robert P. Welz and Linda M. Welz, Cort Johnson, Pedro G. Morato, Cheryl A. Nieman and Dale E. Nieman, Mitchell D. Schmidt and Nicole M. Schmidt, Robert J. Schmidt, Yvonne C. Weitgenant, Andrew K. Zimmermann   (Mar25)

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