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Paynesville Press - September 17, 2014

Paynesville Area Public Notices

City of Paynesville: Public Notice  

Charles R. Knight: Notice and Order For Hearing on Petition for Descent of Property  

Eden Valley Township: Notice of Public Hearing  

Ethel C. Meagher: Notice and Order of Hearing on Petition for Probate of Will and Appointment of Personal Representative and Notice to Creditors  

Board of Education: Regular Meeting Minutes - August 26, 2014  

Notices of Mortgage Foreclosures Sales #1: Brian P. Abraham and Jody E. Abraham; Stephanie E. Anderson- Smith and Michael W. Smith; Jody Hoff and Lynn Hoff; Jody Hoff and Lynn Hoff; Clinton P. Jeffers and Kristine Jeffers; Shane D. Johnson; Kenneth G. Kearns aka Kenneth G. Kearns, Jr. and Sharon M. Kearns; Steven Martinez and Laura J. Martinez; Colleen Moyer   (Sept17)

Notices of Mortgage Foreclosures Sales #2: Colleen Moyer continued; Kristin Lee Peterson and Edward J. Peterson; Kevin Riley and June Riley, FKA June D. Nelson; Kevin G. Roelike; Thomas E. Sievert and Gertrude T. Sievert; Bobby Sorkness and Lisa Sorkness; Deborah L. Toenjes and Kevin R. Toenjes; Christopher M. Vanderbeek and Vanessa K. Vanderbeek; Dawn R. Walberg, and Allyn S. Walberg   (Sept17)

Disclaimer: Since these legals can be altered by person(s) unknown, the Paynesville Press does not guarantee their accuracy. Check the printed version of the Paynesville Press to verify times and places, etc.

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