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Paynesville Press - April 16, 2014

Paynesville Area Public Notices

Michael Nicholas Gruber, Jr: Notice And Order Of Hearing On Petition For Probate Of Will And Appointment Of Personal Representative And Notice To Creditors  (Apr9-16)

Roseville Township: Regular Meeting Change Notice  (Apr9-16)

St. Martin Township: Meeting Notice  (Apr16)

Paynesville Township: Assessment Notice  (Apr16)

School Board Minutes: Board of Education - Regular Meeting, March 25, 2014  (Apr16)

Notices of Mortgage Foreclosures Sales #1: Paul D. Abrahamson and Robin L. Abrahamson; Rodney H Berscheit and Cynthia L. Berscheit; Rebecca L. Durbin And Jeremy AC Kuperus; Lath Khambong and Or Khambong; Sean A. Kuepers And Shelley C. Kuepers; Kraig Allen Menke; Christa M. Muzik F/k/a Christa M. Sczublewski And Jeffrey L. Muzik; Donald Palzewicz and Barbara Palzewicz   (Apr16)

Notices of Mortgage Foreclosure Sales #2: Marlowe S. Schaumann; Arthur Tarnowski and Darlene Tarnowski; Arlene A. Theel And Manford E. Theel; Geny R. Ulloa and Darci J. Ulloa; Glenn R. Weismann and Susan Weismann; Renee D. Weyer;
POSTPONEMENTS: Steven G. Hollingsworth, Kristine R. Hollingsworth; Anthony Lavalle and Deborah Lavalle

Notices of Mortgage Foreclosure Sales #3: POSTPONEMENTS: Anthony Lavalle and Deborah Lavalle continued  (Apr16)

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