Only one new teacher is added to school staff

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 9/8/98.

Students were greeted by a new middle school science teacher when school started last week.

Dave Dziengel, a native of Villard, will be teaching seventh grade science. A graduate of Moorhead State University, Dziengel did his student teaching in New Zealand and taught a year in Hawaii.

Dziengel has a major in biology/life science and minored in earth science. While in New Zealand he taught math. ďOnce you receive your degree, New Zealand considers you a professional and you can teach anything,Ē Dziengel said.

Dziengel spent seven months in New Zealand, June to December. ďIt was their winter and the weather was wet and rainy,Ē he added.

At a job fair he learned about the job opportunity in Hawaii and taught ninth grade earth science a year on the island of Maui. This summer he attended a week long geology workshop in Alaska.

While in Paynesville, he will be teaching four seventh grade science classes, primetime and monitoring a study hall.

ďIím enthused to be back teaching,Ē Dziengel said. ďThe kids I met the first day were great kids. It should be a good year. My first goal is to learn the kidís names,Ē he added.

Dziengel said he likes Paynesville and feels the school offers a good learning environment. He is looking forward to teaching here several years and becoming more involved in the community. ďEverybody has been very helpful, making my transition into a new school easier,Ē Dziengel said.

Dziengel lists playing sports as a major interest, downhill skiing, hunting and fishing.

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