Bertram meets with FSA to discuss farm prices

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 9/1/98.

With the farm prices plummeting to their lowest levels in 50 years, representatives of Farm Service Agency State Committee members from eight states gathered in Rapid City, S.D., Aug. 18 and 19.

Clarence Bertram, Spring Hill, Minnesota Farm Service Committee member, was among delegates outlining concerns and possible solutions.

ďThe need for immediate short-term assistance has never been greater,Ē Bertram said. ďCongress needs to act immediately to remove loan caps and to extend the loan period to find more marketing flexibility in the present Freedom to Farm Bill.Ē

Current low commodity prices are having a profound effect on all segments of Mainstreet, U.S.A. Implement and automobile manufacturers and dealers face decline in sales, bankers are expressing concern in equity losses, health facilities are closing, the labor force is at risk with loss of jobs, schools and local governments are being impacted. Rural communities are not enjoying the current national economic growth.

While committee members commend efforts of the administration and Congress, they have found the agricultural economy is deteriorating more rapidly than had been thought.

ďAmericaís farmers and ranchers who produce the safest and most abundant food of any nation in the world must be assured a fair income that will keep them in business,Ē Bertram added.

Farmers in Minnesota and all across the country are confronted with the lowest commodity prices seen for many years. Before any decisions are made on the sale of corn, wheat, or soybeans,Ē Congressman David Minge is urging producers to contact their Farm Service Agency office to get the latest information on programs that may offer some assistance.

ďTodayís drastic price situation leaves thousands of farmers in our area facing a major disaster,Ē Minge said. ďThere is the potential for farmers to lose thousands of dollars if they donít have all the facts.Ē

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