8th grade test results back
87% pass math, reading needs more work

This article submitted by Molly Connors on 6/4/96.

Only 53 percent of Paynesvile's eighth graders passed the reading portion of the basic skills test. 86 percent passed the math portion.

Middle school principal Deb Gillman said the reading test included several questions that were inferred. Students had to "read between the lines," she said. This is contrary to what kids have been taught in classroom situations, Gillman said. Kids are taught to find a specific answer. This difference may account for the lower reading scores.

Neither Gillman nor Superintendent Howard Caldwell anticipate any drastic changes in curriculum to bring up test scores. Caldwell said with more "maturity and education," most kids will pass the tests. Both Caldwell and Gillman would like to see more parents participating in their children's education.

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