Council wants to insure they get the most for their money

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 12/30/97.

The Paynesville City Council discussed ways of insuring they would get the best job for their money when they start the 1998 Street Improvement project.

The last couple of years we have been ďburnedĒ and have had problems with either the cement work, bituminous or sodding, Mayor Jeff Thompson said. ďHere is an opportunity to be proactive.Ē

Peter Carlson, city engineer, suggested the council require a stiffer pay deduct schedule to ensure contractors meet contract specifications. ďMnDOT has a pay deduct schedule if a product doesnít meet required standards,Ē Carlson told the council. ďIt is impossible to know ahead of time if they meet specifications. Density tests arenít usually taken until after the job is completed.Ē

ďWe stand to get a better project,Ē Dennis Zimmerman, councilmember, said. ďIt is a good opportunity to take a stand. We are going to be getting competitive bids and itís better than having a repeat of the Minnesota Street project.Ē The council did not set any specific pay deduct percentages at this time.

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