Tradition of caroling continues at Nordland

This article submitted by Erin Aagesen on 12/29/99.

Nordland carolers Nordland Lutheran Church continued its nearly 65-year tradition of singing Christmas carols last Sunday.

Approximately 25 people gathered to sing traditional carols at the hospital, the Koronis Manor, 700 Stearns Place, the Good Samaritan Center and to individual homes of shut-ins. They also traveled to the New London and Spicer areas for the same purpose.

Songs sung included traditional carols such as "Away in a Manger" and "Silent Night." In keeping with the church's Norwegian traditions, the carolers sang "How Glad I Am" in Norwegian.

Dorothy Hendrickson has been a part of the caroling since she was a teenager. "When we first began," she explained, "many of the church members spoke Norwegian. Now, I don't think many people in this group can understand it, but we continue to sing it because it's part of our heritage."

The group is mainly made up church choir members, but also includes visitors to the area. For some families, like the Martinsons this year, three generations sing together. Many people have grown up caroling with the group and have many memories from the past of joyful experiences, cold nights, and even travel problems.

"I like caroling because it is fun to sing with friends and entertain the elderly and shut-ins," said Beaty Ainsley.

After caroling, the group meets at someone's home for refreshments and a gift exchange.

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