"Read and Succeed" proposal approved by school board

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 12/1/98.

Dina Hengel and Karen Mumm, Early Childhood Family Education instructors, presented a proposal on ďRead and SucceedĒ to the Paynesville Area School Board Tuesday night.

The program is designed to introduce reading to children as early as possible, Mumm said.

Hengel and Mumm explained they are also applying for a grant from Education Minnesota to help fund the majority of the project.

The project would include a preschool readiness kit to distribute to children at Early Childhood Screenings and liter-ature to present to parents with sug-gestions for developmentally appro-priate activities for them to do with their children at home.

They also propose presenting books to parents following the birth of a child. ďWe want to develop a program to distribute information to parents on current brain research and the impor-tance of reading aloud daily to children, no matter what age the child,Ē Mumm added. ďResearch on brain development shows that reading aloud to children, as little as 20 minutes a day, builds the brainís ability to learn to read successfully.Ē

After further discussion, the board approved the grant proposal.

In other business:
ē The board approved a staff develop-ment grant proposal for the accelerated reading program. This grant would enable teachers who were unable to attend the last workshop on the program to learn more about the accelerated reading program.

ē The board approved hiring Kathleen Murphy of Murphy Management Consultants, Eagan, to help write the districtís pay equity report required by the state. The district is required to file a report with the state every two years.

ē The board reviewed and approved the seniority list for custodial employees.

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