Youth Advisory Council gives input at school board meeting

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 12/23/97.

School spirit, speed bumps, and a request to pave the gravel road beside the softball fields were topics raised by the Youth Advisory Council at the Paynesville Area School Board meeting Dec. 16.

Students from the middle and high school met with the board to discuss issues. Students on the advisory council representing the middle school are: Heidi Olmscheid, Brian Korman, Susie Swyter, Levi Bundy, Wes Lieser, Maria Janotta and Melinda Norris; high school, Ryan Flanders, Ginni and Michele Lahr, Ryan Lang, Tiffany Rausch and Mary Frandson.

Students asked if they couldnít put up signs with positive messages around the school. They inquired about the sign outside the school as to who was in charge and if they couldnít change the message on it monthly. The signís message hasnít changed for several years.

High School Principal John Janotta replied, he was in charge of the sign and told the students they can change the message but it would take them about two hours to do so as it isnít an easy task.

The students told the board they also support the idea of an auditorium. Board member Pat Flanders suggested the students do a survey within the student body to find out how much support there is within the school.

The students also asked if something couldnít be done with the gravel road along side the softball fields. The road is rough and hard on vehicles and makes biking on it difficult. The students said they would come up with ideas for fund raisers to make paving the road possible.

In other business:
ēThe board accepted the resignation of Larry Fleck, board chairman. He cited in his letter to the board, ďIt has been a great experience, being a member of the Paynesville Area School Board, but all things must end. My family requires more of my time and itís nice to be needed.Ē

The board has approached Dean Hanson, former board member, about filling out two years of the four years left on his term. A replacement can be elected in the 1999 board election. Fleck has four years left on his term. He has served on the board 18.5 years. Fleck has indicated he will remain on the board until a replacement is found.

ēThe board accepted a bid from M&M Lumber, Paynesville, for energy efficient replacement windows for the elementary school.

ēThe board authorized Superintendent Howard Caldwell to develop specifications and obtain bids to purchase about 60 new computers and 40 computer carts as another step in the districtís technology plan. ďOur goal is to have a computer in every classroom,Ē he told the board. An estimated cost is $150,000.

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