Students of the Month announced for December

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 12/20/00.

Six students earned Student of the Month honors for December at the Paynesville Area Middle School.

Teachers select the students on their class work, attitude about school, and interaction with their classmates.

The announcement was made last week. Students earning honors are: (front) sixth grade, Dugan Flanders and Stacy Utsch; (middle) seventh grade, Jackie Hertzberg and Stephen Lenzmeier; (back) eighth grade, Kristi Utsch and Eric Hansen.

Stacy Utsch is the daughter of Ken and Shirley Utsch. Her teachers state she is a good student, responsible and caring. Stacy is friendly to her classmates and teachers.

Stacy enjoys playing volleyball, reading, and spending time with her friends. She also participates in the youth group at the St. Martin Catholic Church.

Stacy said she was shocked and excited about winning the award. "I won because I'm hard working and I got on the A honor role," she added.

Dugan Flanders is the son of Jo and Mike Flanders. His teachers state he is a hard worker, responsible and friendly. He has a fun sense of humor and is concerned about his classmates.

Dugan is a member of the sixth grade band and choir, and is participating in the middle school play. He enjoys riding horses, playing the piano, and reading books.

Dugan was honored and happy to be selected for the award. "I try hard and do well in school," he said.

Jackie Hertzberg is the daughter of Randy and Cindy Hertzberg. Her teachers state she is a hard worker and a responsible student. Jackie is also caring and friendly.

Jackie enjoys drawing, playing volleyball, basketball, and spending time with her friends.

"I was happy to receive the award," she said. Jackie feels she won the award because she has good grades and behaves in class.

Stephen Lenzmeier is the son of Dale and Mary Lenzmeier. His teachers state he is a hard worker and a dedicated student. Stephen is friendly to his classmates and is a responsible student.

He plans on playing baseball in the spring. He enjoys farming, motors, and playing baseball.

"I was surprised to win the award," Stephen said. "I usually get along with my classmates," he cited as his reason for winning.

Kristi Utsch is also the daughter of Ken and Shirley Utsch. Her teachers state she is a diligent student, a hard worker, and responsible. Kristi is friendly and caring.

Kristi enjoys playing softball and biking.

She was happy about winning the award. "I work hard in school and get all of my work done," Kristi said.

Eric Hansen is the son of Brenda and Jeff Hansen. His teachers state Eric is a good student and a quiet leader. He is responsible and hard working.

Eric enjoys playing football and collects cards.

He felt it was fun to win the award. "I worked hard in school," he said about his honor.

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