City council had light agenda

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 12/17/96.

The Paynesville City Council approved the payments for the west-end lift station and pretreatment aeration ponds at their Wednesday night meeting. The council had a relatively light agenda in which to handle a variety of items.

The first items dealt with certifying the levy for 1997. The gross tax levy is $554,249 less $138,312 for HACA which the state takes from the city, leaving a net tax levy of $415,937. Councilman Harlan Beek had objections to providing funds for the airport and senior center in the budget.

Councilman Jeff Thompson said he supported the budget as the council had hammered out earlier. ãKeep in mind, just because the funds have been budgeted, doesnât mean they have to be spent,ä he added. ãWe have continued to tighten our belts. In reference to the airport, we need to look to the future.ä Councilmen Bert Stanley and Dennis Zimmerman agreed the budget was appropriate as decided upon earlier and that the levy should be certified.

ðThe council amended an ordinance allowing the disconnect process to start when utility bills are not paid 30 days after notice rather than 60 days. This change would eliminate the overlap of delinquent bills and new billings still allowing about 65 days to pay the utility bill. At present, the time frame allows 95 days.

ðThe council approved closing city hall at 3 p.m. on Christmas Eve.

ðThe council approved the last payment to Duininck Brothers, Inc., Prinsburg, on the pretreatment aeration pond in the amount of $68,097.54. The total cost of the project was $759,080.

ðThe council approved setting a flat building permit fee of $20 for residential shingling and siding jobs. Presently, a $10 zoning fee is charged in addition to the building permit fee.

ðRon Mergen, public works director, informed the council that while H&L Express was under construction and the roadway torn up, a bypass was installed at the west-end lift station. The lift station is located on the corner of H&L Express property. Cost of the project was $1,892.

ðThe council approved the joint powers agreement for waste water treatment between the city of Paynesville and the city of Lake Henry.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) recommended the agreement. With new MPCA rulings going into effect soon, Lake Henryâs waste water treatment facility will not be in compliance. Lake Henry will haul their sludge to Paynesville and dump it into the pretreatment aeration pond. Mergen said the city is looking at a minimal amount, about 10,000 gallons per year.

ðThe council approved being the sponsoring unit of government for Master Mark in applying for a Central Minnesota Initiative Fund loan for the production of plastic lumber. The loan is in the amount of $330,063.

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