Target Leadership supports chemically free students

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 12/16/97.

A new group/organization has formed at the Paynesville Area High School. Target Leadership is aimed at helping students stay chemically free.

Advisors for the group are Sarah Winter and Todd Thiesen.

ďTarget Leadership can be anything the students want to turn it into,Ē Winter said. ďThe program is under the guidance of the Minnesota State High School League and is designed to identify, train, support and recognize chemically-free student leaders.Ē

The new organization is open to students in grades nine through twelve. The 20 students in the group have been meeting about twice a month at 7:30 a.m. Friday mornings.

Their goals include: to develop leadership skills, to provide support for leaders through training and support groups; to promote and support a chemically-free lifestyle and to develop team/group unity.

Their goals for building team/group unity are: Be positive peer role models, establish clear rules and expectations, work on good communication skills and organize social activities.

Thus far, Target Leadership has met with the fifth grade D.A.R.E. students and have organized a food drive for the Paynesville Area Community Service Center. Sports fans are being asked to bring nonperishable food items to the home games this week, Dec. 16, 18 and 19.

The students are also adopting a family for Christmas this year. A family was recommended to them by the Community Service Center. They will use their own funds to buy presents for this family.

Through Target training, student leaders learn to share concerns with a member of their team/activity:
I concerns as a friend, teammate, etc.
I see...describe their actions which raise concern.
I your concern, anger, hurt, fears, etc., then...
Listen . . .to their response.
I your expectations as a leader.
I will.. .express how you will support their new commitment.

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