Rep. Stang elected assistant House majority leader

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 12/15/98.

Representative Doug Stang, R-Cold Spring, was elected by his fellow Republican colleagues to serve as assistant majority leader for the 1999-2000 session of the Minnesota House of Representatives.

ďIím honored that my colleagues elected me to this leadership position,Ē said Stang. ďI will work hard and continue to provide a strong voice for central Minnesota residents and their concerns.Ē

In the House Republican caucus, there are eight assistant majority leaders, four which are appointed by the speaker and four which are elected by the entire caucus. Stang was one of four out of a pool of nine that were elected. He was the only assistant majority leader elected on the first ballot.

ďWe have a lot to accomplish during the next legislative session,Ē said Stang. ďOur highest priority is passing a permanent tax cut for Minnesota families. I also want to work on issues important to rural Minnesota, such as growing and keeping quality jobs and providing a world-class education for our children,Ē he added.

ďIím anxious to get started in drafting an agenda that will benefit all Minnesotans. Iím committed to working with all of my colleagues and being a strong leader on issues we hold important.Ē

Stang has also been named to serve on the following House committees during the 1999-2000 session by Speaker-Designate Steve Sviggum: jobs and economic development, education, higher education finance, local govern-ment, and ways and means.

ďDoug Stang is one of the rising young stars in Minnesota politics, and his committee appointments recognize the leadership and work ethic he has demonstrated in his first two years in the Legislature,Ē said Sviggum.

Stang was recently re-elected by the people of House District 14B with 72.5 percent of the vote. He begins his second two-year term in January.

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