Paynesville Charity Fund drive is winding down

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 12/15/98.

The 1997 Paynesville Area Charity Fund drive is winding down. Organizers say they are still short of their goal of $32,000. Thus far only $15,260 has been collected.

ďWith the Christmas rush and busy times, it is easy to put the charity fund on hold. It is the time of year when we share our bounty with those that may otherwise be forgotten. If you have decided not to give, reconsider. If you have put it deep in your pile of things to do, please, get it out and send your contribution,Ē Don Torbenson, charity fund board member, said.

ďDonations are appreciated by many organizations,Ē Faye Jones and Phyllis Gardner, charity fund officers, said. Among the organizations receiving funds and samples of what various groups have done with the gifts are:

ēPaynesville Area Historical Society: Installed metal ceiling in the agricultural building.

ēPaynesville Area Girl Scouts: Helped finance start up for Girl Scout troops, trip to Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum and play, trip to Valleyfair, and helped reduce the cost of day camp so more girls could attend.

ēCrow River Nature Trail Guards: Electrical service was installed in the picnic area of the park.

ēPaynesville Area Hospital Auxiliary: Helped maintain the bird aviary and aquarium for Koronis Manor and the medical clinic and helped raise funds for a ďwandering systemĒ for the nursing home.

ēPaynesville Area Senior Center: Helped cover operational expenses.

ēPaynesville/New London-Spicer Hockey Association: Helped cover operating budget.

ēAmerican Cancer Society: The money will be used for research, early detection and prevention programs and high quality cancer patient services.

Alzheimerís Association: Help provide high quality programs and services to Alzheimerís patients and their families, fund research for prevention, cure, and treatment of the disease.

Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota: help provide advocacy, support, employment assistance, and community education throughout Minnesota.

Donation forms may be obtained at any of the banks or grocery stores. If you contribute through Joelís Jack and Jill or Wallyís G&T, donations will be matched by them and West Central Sanitation.

Donations may also be dropped off at the Community First National Bank, the Farmers and Merchants State Bank or the Paynesville Office of the Melrose Credit Union, or by mailing them to Paynesville Area Charity Fund, Box 112, Paynesville, MN 56362.

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