City council moves forward with annexation plans

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 12/15/98.

With continued development on Spruce Street, south of Highway 55 east of the Chladek Addition, homeowners along Maple Street requested the Paynesville City Council find an alternate access to the area. As a result of that request, more than five acres could be annexed into the city from Paynesville Township to provide another exit from Spruce Street.

At the Paynesville City Councilís Dec. 9 meeting, the council approved setting Jan. 13 at 6:30 p.m., as the public hearing date to discuss the annexation and proposed plat of the area.

Spruce Street presently has only one access which is Maple Street.

Carlson met with Pat Flanders, area property owner, about a proposed plat and alternative access which would extend to County Road 181 between Tom Thumb and Koronis Parts.

The city would be installing streets, storm sewer, a sanitary sewer system, and water mains into the area. The closest storm sewer connection is along Highway 55. A retention pond is being suggested at the north end of the proposed project area to catch storm water runoff. Size of the pond has not been determined.

ďWe feel this is the least expensive way to go at this time,Ē Carlson added.

Cost of the proposed project is about $422,408 or about $17,000 per lot in assessments. A further breakdown of costs shows that construction of a new street will cost about $216,720; storm sewer, $37,975; sanitary sewer lines, $72,198; and the water mains, $95,515.

The cost could be accessed at $78.96 per frontage foot on each lot.

The proposed development would consist of about 18 single family housing lots.

Flanders will cover his share of the expenses. He has asked the assessments be deferred for 10 years or until the lots are sold.

Carlson said Stearns Avenue could also be developed (but not connected to Highway 55) in long-range plans and realigned to save trees on the south end of the development.

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