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Paynesville Press - December 14, 2005

Hospital board makes reappoints to medical staff

By Michael Jacobson

The Paynesville Area Hospital District Board of Directors took the following actions at their meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 7. (This was a single meeting for November and December. The board regularly meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month.)

*The board reviewed its financial statements for October 2005, which showed a loss of $27,651. Revenue was down from budgeted numbers, noted chief financial officer Kirk Johnson, including hospital days (budgeted 165, actual 106), emergency room visits (199 budgeted, 134 actual), surgeries (54 budgeted, 33 actual), and clinic visits (3,479 budgeted, 2,710 actual).

Net patient/resident revenue was down by more than $200,000 for October, leading to the loss. November revenues appear to be closer to budget, Johnson reported. So far PAHCS, added chief executive officer Steve Moburg, has been able to pay for most of the costs of opening a new clinic in Cold Spring ($600,000 including half for construction and half for equipment) through its operating budget instead of utilizing a line of credit.

Over the past year, PAHCS has added $1 million to its cash reserves.

*The board rescheduled its January meeting to the third week (Wednesday, Jan. 18) at 8 p.m. rather than the usual fourth week (Wednesday, Jan. 25).

*The board was informed by chairman Don Thomes that he intended to form a nominating committee for board officers and committee assignments, which will be decided in January. The purpose the committee is to make nominating "as smooth as possible," said Thomes in a letter to the board, including matching interests with the various committee assignments. The board still have final authority over the election of officers.

*The board approved the following re-appointments to the active medical staff: Robert Gardner, M.D.; Timothy Malling, M.D.; Allan Solum, M.D.; Lawrence Strate, M.D.; and Julie Youngs, M.D. *The board approved the following re-appointments to the ancillary medical staff: Jennifer Dwyer, P.A.-C; Randal Jacklitch, D.C.; Todd Lemke, Pharm.D.; Kyler Meers, social worker; Russell Sauer, CRNA; Joseph Stephanie, CRNA; and Kevin Wohletz, CRNA.

*The board approved the following re-appointments to the consulting medical staff: Richard Aplin, M.D. (cardiologist); Richard Backes, M.D. (cardiologist); Pamela Brett, D.O.; Bryan Brindley, M.D. (radiology); Umesh Chitaley, M.D. (oncology); Walter Ellis, M.D. (podiatry); Ralph Fedor, M.D. (radiology); Jeffrey Gerdes, M.D. (neurosurgery); Janell Haiwick, M.D.; Michelle Hanson, M.D. (pathology); Andrea Joplin, M.D. (opthalmology); Stephen Kuehne, M.D. (radiology); John Lacika, M.D. (radiology); Lisa Lund, M.D. (pathology); Mark Martone, M.D. (cardiology); Steven Mulawka, M.D. (orthopedics); Tracy Napp, M.D. (radiology); Patrick Oakes, M.D. (general surgery); Kimmie Rabe, M.D. (pathology); Nicholas Reuter, M.D. (oncology); Cindy Firkins Smith, M.D. (dermatology); Jody Bolton Smith, M.D. (radiology); Adam Soliman, M.D. (ear, nose, and throat); Anita Strei, M.D.; Peter Tillotson, M.D. (radiology); Alan Tims, M.D. (general surgery); Philip VanderStoep, M.D. (radiology); James Weeks, M.D. (general surgery); Camelia Whitten, M.D. (radiology); and Howard Zimring, M.D. (cardiology).

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