City tax levy increases 6.6 percent

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 12/13/00.

The Paynesville City Council reviewed its budget at the Truth in Taxation hearing on Wednesday night, Dec. 6.

Gayla Orbeck, interim city administrator, explained the city budget for 2001. City taxes will increase 6.6 percent for 2001. The city will receive about $345,221 from the state.

In September, the city certified a levy of $619,795 to the county. However, after reviewing the budget, the city was able to lower its levy to $472,848.

Among the accounts with budget decreases were the municipal parks and beaches. The park account dropped $11,207 from last year. Last year the city had built in extra funds to cover assessments for street construction on Koronis Avenue by the Gazebo Park.

The beach account was lowered $10,000 because it was decided there will be no lifeguards on duty next summer nor a concession stand.

The street and alley account was lowered more than $26,000 because no seal coating projects are planned for next year.

Accounts seeing large increases were for police and fire protection, as both departments are receiving new equip-ment. The police department is acquiring computers for the squad cars at a cost of $14,319. The fire department's account increased $28,466. The fire department has ordered a new rescue van and turnout gear.

The overall city budget saw a 3.9 percent increase ($49,907) from last year. The budget increased from $1,280,493 to $1,330,400 for 2001.

In addition to the $473,000 levy, the city receives $345,221 in local government aid, $27,500 from the liquor store, and $138,370 from homestead credit aid. The city also receives $346,461 through services and other revenue.

A.J. Svejkovsy, Paynesville, was the only person to attend the hearing. The lone question he had concerned whether the school bond issue is on the 2001 tax statements.

According to school superintendent Howard Caldwell, the building project is listed under the school's debt service and does affect local taxes in 2001.

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