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Paynesville Press - December 12, 2001

Train speeds to increase from Regal to Sedan

Trains between Paynesville and Glenwood have been authorized to increase their speed, meaning motorists will need to use extra caution when approaching unmarked railroad crossings near Regal, Georgeville, Belgrade, and Brooten.

The Canadian Pacific Railroad is increasing the maximum speed limit for some of its trains on a 25-mile stretch of track between Paynesville and Glenwood to 60 miles per hour. Trains previously were limited to maximum speeds of 49 miles per hour. The new speed limits take effect on Friday, Dec. 14.

The increase in speed limits starts about four miles west of Paynesville and extends west through Regal, Belgrade, and Brooten. It stops about a mile east of Sedan.

The speed increase will help keep trains on schedule in order to meet the demands of customers, according to the Canadian Pacific. "We have looked at areas of track that can support higher speeds. Not all trains will be going that fast," said John Bergene of Canadian Pacific.

The railroad has made improvements on the line over the course of several years. The new, heavier rail can handle higher speeds.

Grade crossing signals, which warn motorists and pedestrians of approaching trains, are being adjusted to accommodate the faster trains. Motorists and pedestrians crossing the rail line between Regal and Sedan should be aware that trains on the line could be going faster than previously.

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