December Students of the Month

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 12/10/96.

The Paynesville Area Middle School announced their Students of the Month selection for December. Students receiving recognition in the sixth grade are Amanda Mayer and Scott Wendroth; seventh grade, Eric Rausch and Jennifer Gully; eighth grade, Amie Stockholm and Cory Olmscheid.

Amanda Mayer is the daughter of Linda and Donny Mayer, Paynesville. Her teachers state Amanda is a hard- working, eager student. She has an outgoing personality and is doing a good job of getting involved in the school. Shes an asset in her classes and enjoyable to be around. Amanda lists as her interests reading, playing volleyball, and playing with her cats. She is also a member of the sixth grade band and choir. When asked about her feelings on being chosen Student of the Month, Amanda replied, Im glad to have been chosen because Ive worked hard for it.

Scott Wendroth is the son of Mark and Roberta Wendroth, rural Paynesville. His teachers state Scott is a very good student who is willing to go above and beyond what is required. Hes interested in a variety of things and fun to talk to. Scott is considerate of adults as well as his friends and is a great addition to the middle school. Scott lists as his interests collecting baseball cards, playing his trumpet, and working on the computer. He is a member of the sixth grade band and Paynesville Boy Scouts. When asked about his feelings on being chosen Student of the Month, Mark replied, I like school and was very surprised on being named Student of the Month.

Jennifer Gully is the daughter of Gordy and Bonnie Gully, rural Paynesville. Her teachers state Jennifer is involved in class activities, is friendly, and does well on school work. Jennifer lists as her interests playing the piano and jumping on her trampoline. She is a member of the seventh grade volleyball and basketball teams and plays the saxophone in the middle school band. When asked about being chosen as Student of the Month, Jennifer replied, I am very honored to be chosen.

Eric Rausch is the son of Kevin and Patty Rausch, Paynesville. His teachers state Eric is polite, friendly and a good student. Eric lists basketball and band as his interests. He is a member of the seventh grade basketball team, band, student council, and cross country. When asked about his feelings on being chosen Student of the Month, Eric replied, Surprised and happy."

Amie Stockholm is the daughter of Cindy Hukriede, Paynesville. Her teachers state Amie is a great thinker. She has a super attitude and really takes the materials to a higher level. Amie lists reading and talking on the telephone as her interests. When asked about her feelings on being chosen Student of the Month, she replied, Im proud.

Cory Olmscheid is the son of Alvie and Joyce Olmscheid, Paynesville. His teachers state Cory has an outlook that is very warm and positive. He cares about others and has shown a great interest in school. Cory lists hunting, fishing, baseball, and snowmobiling as his interests. When asked about his feelings on education, Cory replied, I feel that school is a responsibility for me to fulfill.

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