Teachers, school reach agreement on two-year contract

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 12/9/97.

The certified teachers and Paynesville Area School Board reached a tentative contract agreement on Nov. 10 and both parties approved the contract last week.

The contract gives the certified staff a 3.24 percent increase the first year (averaging $1,796) of the contract and 3.26 percent the second year (averaging $1,879).

The present contract expired on July 1 of this year. The teachers have a continuing contract and have been working under the old contract until a new one could be agreed upon.

ďThe new contract also includes an increase in health insurance costs,Ē Murry Rafferty, head teacher negotiator, said. ďThis is a substantial increase as insurance costs are up $900.Ē

The Early Childhood Family Education staff was added to the bargaining unit. They were not a part of any bargaining unit in the past and were included in the new contract.

Other contract changes included adjustments to early retirement benefits, personal leave, hourly wage adjustments which covers summer school and extra curricular staff.

Negotiations started in June and were held periodically over the summer. The Paynesville Area School District employs 93.566 full-time staff people.

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