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Paynesville Press - December 8, 2004

Students of the Month named at PAMS

By Michael Jacobson

Students of the Month have been named for October, November, and December at Paynesville Area Middle School.

Teachers recognize three students - one per grade per month - in the middle school for their attention and work in school and their cooperation and relations with other students and the school staff.

sotm Honored for October are sixth grader Caitlyn Gottwald, seventh grader Amy Dittman, and eighth grader Linda Keller.

Honored for November are sixth grader Jordan Schleper, seventh grader Hayden Spaeth, and eighth grader Justin Stransky.

Students of the Month have been named at Paynesville Area Middle School for October, November, and December. Sixth graders honored are (front) Caitlyn Gottwald, Jordan Schleper, and Crystal Roberts; seventh graders are (middle) Amy Dittman, Hayden Spaeth, and Kendra Hengel; eighth graders are (back) Linda Keller, Justin Stransky, and Jessica Nietfeld.

Honored for December are sixth grader Crystal Roberts, seventh grader Kendra Hengel, and eighth grader Jessica Nietfeld.

October Students of the Month
Gottwald said she was very proud to receive the award and felt she got the honor because she gets good grades, has good attendance, and behaves well. Her teachers describe Caitlyn as a hardworker with a great attitude who always gets her work done.

The daughter of Lorie and Eddie Gottwald, she is a member of the student council and plays in the band. Her hobbies include four-wheeling, jumping on her trampoline, and hanging out with friends.

Dittman said she was happy to receive the award and she thinks she won because she is a good student and gets good grades. Her teachers said that Amy does excellent work in class, that she's always prepared, and that she smiles a bunch.

The daughter of Marc and Sharon Dittman, Amy plays volleyball and basketball and plays in the band. Her hobbies include drawing, playing guitar, and animals.

Keller thinks she won the award because she is a good student and because her teachers like her. She was happy and honored to receive the award. Her teachers said Linda is a hard worker who manages her time well, who participates in class, and who is friendly and respectful.

The daughter of Debbie and Victor Keller, Linda likes to be outside and to hang out with her sisters and friends.

November Students of the Month
Schleper thinks his good grades and his not having a late assignment helped him earn this honor, but he thinks it was weird to win because so many kids could have won. His teachers describe Jordan as prepared for class and never missing an assignment. He has a positive outlook and great personality, they added.

The son of Pat and Brenda Schleper, he plays football, basketball, and baseball at school. His hobbies include driving snowmobile and four-wheeler and playing PlayStation2.

Spaeth was surprised but glad to get this award, which he thinks he won because he gets along well with all his teachers. His teachers said Hayden is always lively, always upbeat, and does good classwork.

The son of Rick and Robyn Spaeth, Hayden is a member of the student council, plays in the band, sings in the choir, and plays football, wrestles, and runs track. His hobbies include playing volleyball, horses, girls, and the Internet.

Stransky was shocked to win the award. He thinks he won because he works hard. His teachers say Justin is a good student who shows concern for others as well as himself. He is very determined in his efforts and is willing to help others, they added.

Justin, the son of Karla Stransky and Ron Stransky, plays football.

December Students of the Month
Roberts thinks it's awesome that she won the award since she is a new student at PAMS. She thinks she deserved the award because she did not interrupt in class, she turned her work in on time, and she helped other students. Her teachers said Crystal has adapted very well to her new school and made lots of new friends. She is a sharp student who works hard, they added.

The daughter of Rose and Dan Roberts, she sings in the choir and plays in the band. Her hobbies include playing basketball and music.

Hengel was happy to receive the award and thinks she won because she is a good student. Her teachers describe her as a very nice person who is always willing to help out other students. She is soft spoken but participates very well, they added.

The daughter of Dina and Boyd Hengel, she plays in the band and participates in volleyball and softball. Her hobbies include shopping, boys, horses, and the Internet.

Nietfeld felt great to receive the award and said she was very excited. She thinks she got the award because her grades were good. Her teachers said she is a good student and hard worker in and out of the classroom who will lend a helping hand to get things done.

The daughter of Judy and Brian Nietfeld, she plays volleyball and softball and runs track. Away from school, she likes to ride dirtbike, scrapbook, run, and hang out with friends.

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