Teachers tour businesses to learn about industry

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 12/1/99.

With an interest to learn more about technology in the job market, about 20 Paynesville Area High School teachers toured Stang Precision and Koronis Parts on Friday, Nov. 19, following parent-teacher conferences.

"Seeing the types of technology used in Paynesville was fantastic for the teachers," John Janotta, high school principal, said. "It was good for the teachers to see what is happening in the work world and what technology the students need to know to move into the job market. There is a lot of high technology being used in Paynesville."

Bill Brinkman, math teacher, said it was great to see the fraction and decimal equivalent charts on the walls at Stang Precision. "We use the charts in class. The charts reinforce what students learn in school," he added. Brinkman's son worked summers at Koronis Parts and following the tour, Brinkman better understood what his son was talking about.

"It was great to see local businesses selling products nationwide to consumers," Brinkman said.

Jim Hahn, auto mechanics instructor, said the tour reinforced the idea that students need a mechanical background in high school to succeed in some of the jobs offered in today's market. "Students who do not have a mechanical background are put at a disadvantage," Hahn added.

"Students need a combination of mechanical application and math courses to prepare them for careers," Hahn said. Bruce Stang, owner of Stang Precision, told the teachers to stress that students need to be on time for school, have good attendance records, and a background in math and science.

Ron Fuchs, geography teacher, said, "I have lived in the Paynesville area most of my life and I never realized what Stang produced and the types of machines he had at his shop. The tour was extremely educational. More students, if given the opportunity, should tour businesses in the industrial park. I did not realize what was offered."

Todd Knudsvig, geography teacher, said it was amazing to see what technology is required for jobs in Paynesville. "Most communities this size don't have such high tech businesses. It is a neat resource."

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