Jackie Meyer will be part of Thanksgiving parade

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 11/25/97.

Jackie Meyer, Sauk Rapids, has been a cheerleader at her school for four seasons. When word was out they were looking for cheerleaders for the Macyís Thanksgiving Day Parade, she applied.

ďThe parade organizers were looking for captains and co-captains that were interested. I sent in my application plus $300. They were accepting girls on a first come, first serve basis,Ē Meyer said. At a cheerleading camp in June, she received word she had been accepted.

ďIím really excited about going,Ē Meyer said. As far as she knows, there is one other girl selected from Minnesota, but she doesnít know who or from which town.

Meyer left for New York on Friday to meet with the other cheerleaders. They are expected to be busy practicing every day until parade day. ďI also plan on doing a little sight-seeing while there,Ē she said.

Tonight, Nov. 26, the cheerleaders will rehearse in the street to help the camera crews decide on the best angles. Tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day, they will perform in the parade. The group will be identified as the Universal Cheerleaders Association and Universal Dance Association.

Meyer has been a football cheerleader for Sauk Rapids her junior and senior year; a hockey cheerleader her junior year; and wrestling cheerleader her sophomore year.

The daughter of Dan and Linda Meyer, Belgrade, and Cindy and Fred Barten, Sauk Rapids, she plans on attending Alexandria Vocational College after graduation for marketing sales management. She is employed at Zapfís Leather and Western Wear, Paynesville.

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