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Paynesville Press - November 26, 2003

Paynesville Township agrees to support community pool

By Michael Jacobson

The Paynesville Township Board of Supervisors took the following actions at their meeting on Monday, Nov. 17.

*The board agreed that the township's contribution to a community pool should be limited to $400,000, roughly a third of the proposed cost of an aquatic park. The board indicated that their participation in this project with the city would hinge on whether the city would be willing to share the maintenance costs at the Koronis Civic Arena, currently owned solely by the township.

Under the board's proposal, the township would also be responsible for a third of the maintenance of the pool. And both the city and township would have to pass bond issues for the pool to move forward.

*The board heard complaints from township resident Cal Davidson, who was irate over the cutting of trees on the former Sturtz mink farm along Highway 55. The board explained that the township has no control over the cutting of trees and said that the county had been notified about reports of buried debris, which the county has jurisdiction.

According to the county, trees and stumps can be buried, and the owner produced documentation for the disposal of other materials.

*The board reiterated its burning policy, charging residents who don't call the dispatcher before burning $1,000 if the fire is reported to the fire department and the fire department responds. Residents must get a burning permit and call the dispatcher before they burn, otherwise someone may see the fire and report it to the dispatcher who will call the fire department.

For every fire call in the township, the township is charged between $2,000 and $5,000.

*The board granted a variance to the Paynesville Evangelical Free Church to erect a new sign on the corner of their property at the junction of Highway 23 and Roseville Road. The board also approved a conditional use permit for the sign.

*The board approved a preliminary plat for Dave and Dee Johnson on 263rd Avenue. The Johnsons are dividing a 40-acre piece of property into two 20-acre plots.

*The board authorized the trapping of beavers along Baywater Road on the west end of Lake Koronis. The beavers are building a dam on the west side of the road, stopping the water coming into the lake. This has done damage to the road shoulder in the past.

*The board voted to install a new insulated door at the Koronis Civic Arena, between the ice and the Zamboni room, at the request of the hockey association. The hockey association will forgive the township their electricity charges for one year in return.

*The township board denied a request for yard lights in Alldon Heights. The township does not supply yard lights anywhere in the township.

*The board set a public hearing for Monday, Dec. 22, at 8:30 p.m., to consider a request from Loren Meyer to change the zoning of his land near the airport outside the city limits of Paynesville from agriculture to commercial. This would be consistent with the adjacent land in the city.

*The board set a hearing for a conditional use permit for Ted's RV Land for Monday, Dec. 22, at 8:45 p.m. Ted's RV Land recently acquired neighboring property on the south side of Highway 55 and wants to move an existing building to a new location.

*The board plans to set a hearing for their February meeting to consider the use of green space in the township. The Koronis Lake Association has requested that the township require that green space be contiguous to platted parcels. The Koronis Lake Association is concerned about the density of development, especially around the lake.

*The board will meet next on Monday, Dec. 22, at 8 p.m.

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