California seamstress likes work of Paynesville quilters

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 11/24/98.

Vi Ruhland, California, was dissatisfied with the work quilters did in her area of California. A native of Minnesota, she sent her quilt tops to be completed to Paynesville and the quilters at the Paynesville Area Senior Center.

ďMother tried other places, but didnít like their work,Ē Mary Swenson, Cold Spring, said. ďThe ladies at Paynesville do beautiful work. Mother is really pleased with what they do. Mother is a very particular person.Ē

After being diagnosed with cancer three years ago and told to quit smoking, Mrs. Ruhland took up quilting to keep her hands busy. Since that time, she has made 14 quilts, of which 12 have been quilted in Paynesville.

Liz Rothstein said they spent about 100 hours quilting Mrs. Ruhlandís latest project, ďCountry Cottages.Ē

Mrs. Ruhland doesnít use a pattern, but picks her designs from religious calendars.

The Paynesville quilters already have Mrs. Ruhlandís next quilt at the center. It is entitled ďLighthouses.Ē

Paynesville quilters with Mrs. Ruhland's cottage quilt are (clockwise left to right): Liz Rothstein, Rose Schaefer, Marcie Lieser, Marion Liestman, and Rose Lieser.

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