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Paynesville Press - November 21, 2001

PAHCS has flu vaccine

By Michael Jacobson

The Paynesville Area Health Care System has finally received the second half of its flu vaccine, meaning anyone who has yet to get a vaccination can now get one.

The supply of flu vaccines has been a problem the past two years. This year, PAHCS ordered half its vaccine supplies on a private contract and the other half on the multi-state contract, where prices are negotiated on behalf of hospitals and public health departments.

The half on a private contract arrived in plenty of time and PAHCS had the earliest walk-in flu clinics in the area this year.

Originally, PAHCS had been told that the other half of its supply was being held by its multi-state contract supplier and could be shipped as soon as needed. But PAHCS has yet to receive it. So PAHCS has opted to purchase the rest of its vaccine supply on private contracts, said Rosemary Devlin, clinic manager.

"(The vaccine) is available,"Ęsaid Devlin on Monday, "and people should make use of it. It's still the prime time for vaccinations."

No more walk-in clinics are planned, but patients can make an appointment with the triage nurse to get their flu shot. Flu shots by appointment will only take a minute and patients will be billed only for the shot and not for an office visit, said Devlin.

"If they have an appointment, they'll walk in, get the shot, and walk out," she said.

The flu shot takes a couple weeks to reach maximum effectiveness and still will provide protection for the prime flu season, added Devlin.

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