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Paynesville Press - November 21, 2001

County approves road plan

By Michael Jacobson

The Stearns County Highway Department received approval from the county board of commissioners to move ahead with its five-year road construction plan. The board of commissioners approved the plan on Tuesday, Nov. 13.

The plan calls for over $48 million in construction projects over the next five years. The county's share of the costs currently stands at $10 million. State and federal money will pick up the rest.

In 2002, 22 projects are slated to take place around the county, with a total cost of $13 million. Half that ($7 million) will be needed to build the new I-94 interchange on County Road 75 near the New Flyer bus company.

Projects in the Paynesville area in 2002 will include the upgrading of Highway 124, including the reconfiguring of the north intersection with Highway 55. This road will be turned back to Stearns County from the state of Minnesota.

County Road 123 will also be resurfaced and turned back to Paynesville Township in 2002. This $100,000 project was originally scheduled for 2001 but got pushed back a year.

In 2003, County Road 10 from Roscoe to Albany is scheduled to be resurfaced, as well as the county roads within the city of Roscoe. Both County Road 68 and County Road 114, which intersects with Highway 23, will also be resurfaced.

Southwestern Stearns projects, 2002-2006
Projects in 2002
*Reconstructing Highway 124 in Paynesville, including a new design for the north intersection with Highway 55.
*Surfacing and turning back County Road 123 to Paynesville Township.
*Resurfacing County Road 11 from County Road 176 to I-94.
*Resurfacing County Road 21 from Eden Valley to St. Nicholas.
*Reconstructing County Road 59 in Elrosa.
*Resurfacing County Road 163 south of Richmond.

Projects in 2003
*Resurfacing County Road 10 from Roscoe to Albany.
*Resurfacing County Road 68 in Roscoe.
*Resurfacing County Road 114 from Roscoe to Highway 23.
*Resurfacing County Road 177, north of St. Martin, from County Road 10 to County Road 12.

Projects in 2004
*Resurfacing County Road 9 north of Richmond to County Road 42.
*Resurfacing County Road 13 from Elrosa to Greenwald.
*Resurfacing County Road 175 from U.S. Highway 71 to County Road 14.
*Resurfacing County Road 199 from County Road 13 to U.S. Highway 71.

Projects in 2005
*Reconstructing County Road 12, near Spring Hill, from County Road 14 to County Road 176.
*Resurfacing County Road 13, north of Belgrade, from County Road 27 to Highway 55.
*Resurfacing County Road 18, north of Brooten, from County Road 27 to Highway 55.
*Resurfacing County Road 30, east of New Munich, from Highway 237 to County Road 11.
*Resurfacing County Road 197 in Belgrade.

Projects in 2006
*Resurfacing County Road 9 in Eden Valley.
*Reconstructing County Road 18 south of Brooten.
*Reconstructing County Road 22 from Padua to U.S. Highway 71.
*Resurfacing County Road 164 east of Eden Valley.
*Resurfacing County Road 190 west of Meire Grove.
*Resurfacing County Road 192 from Padua to the west county line.

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