Fleischhacker joins the staff at Hairascope

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 11/18/97.

Sheila Fleischhacker, Paynesville, joined the staff at Hairascope, Paynesville, owned by Pauline Hutton, Richmond, at the end of September.

A mother of two teenagers, Fleischhacker had pondered the idea of going back to school. In discussing the idea with Hutton, she was given encouragement to give it a try. Fleischhacker and her husband, Fred, live on a hobby farm. He does water and sewer construction.

Fleischhacker went back to school in October of 1996 and graduated from the Model College of Hair Design in St. Cloud this summer. When asked her goals, she replied, ďIíve met my goals by going back to school and finding a job in Paynesville.Ē

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