Residents discuss 2000 street project

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 11/17/99.

Residents living on streets involved in the 2000 street improvement project were concerned about how much of their front lawns would be lost when the streets were widened next summer.

People living within the street project were invited to an informational meeting Wednesday night at the Paynesville City Hall. Pete Carlson, city engineer, told the small group attending that the project design is 60 percent completed. He had the street designs available for those present to view.

Visitors went up to view their streets in small groups. William Lukawski, Garfield Avenue, questioned where his property line started and stopped. He felt the marker left by surveyors was too close to his house.

Carlson and Ron Mergen, public works director, explained about the road right-of-way. They assured Lukawski they would have a crew out to double check where the property line markers were located.

Garfield Avenue is only 26 feet wide with no curb and gutter and gravel shoulders. The city proposes to widen the roadway to 38 feet and add curb and gutters.

Mary Hahn and her neighbor Arnold Gully, live on Koronis Avenue. They expressed concern that the lot line marker between their homes has been moved at some time. "You look at the location of the other markers and ours seem out of line," Hahn told Mergen.

Lenny Gilmore and Tom Scheierl, who live next door to each other on Pomeroy Avenue, asked if they could have a lower curb between their homes. "We both have families who visit and there is no place for them to park in the winter months," Gilmore said. "We would like to pave the area between our two garages to make additional parking."

Carlson suggested the city could install a mountable curb between their two homes.

Another concern was when the project would start. Carlson said they plan on taking bids for the project in late January or early February and start work in April, depending on the weather. "Hopefully, the work would be done by late June or early July," Carlson added.

All the streets involved in the project will receive curb and gutter. James Street and Koronis Avenue will also receive sidewalks, as well as one block of Pomeroy Avenue.

Streets involved in the project include Mill Street and Koronis Avenue near the elementary school; James Street to the east of Lake Street; Pomeroy and Garfield Avenues north of Highway 23; Augusta Avenue from James Street to River Street; and Railroad Street. Additionally, the end of Richmond Street will be paved to define the boundary lines between the Nature Park entrance and Frances Seifert's property; and the streets in the Chladek Addition will be seal coated.

Mill Street, from Stearns Avenue to Highway 124, will be widened to 40 feet; Koronis Avenue, from Mill Street to Main Street, will be widened from 22 feet to 38 feet. James Street is 40 feet wide up to Pomeroy Avenue and 22 feet from there to Garfield with gravel shoulders. Garfield will be widened from 26 feet to 38 feet.

Carlson invited people living along the project route to visit city hall and see the plans. Copies of the plan are available for residents to take home.

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