Two conditional use permits approved

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 11/17/99.

Two conditional use permits were approved by the Paynesville City Council at their Wednesday night meeting.

Willie Scheel, Paynesville, who has purchased the former Rocky's Pizza, requested permission to reslope the hillside behind the building.

"I owned the property in the early 1950s and at that time the hill was an easy slope down to cabins near the river. I would like to restore the hillside and spruce up the lot," Scheel told the council.

A conditional use permit was required because the land is within a designated shoreland area with the North Fork Crow River in the backyard. The fill will be placed within 200 feet of Highway 23 as required by the permit.

Ron Mergen, Paynesville, requested the second conditional use permit because, like Scheel's property, his residence is also considered within the shoreland area.

Mergen plans on filling a sloped area (about 40 by 80 feet) behind his garage which abuts the North Fork Crow River Nature Park.

"The land slopes drastically and is not usable for anything at this time," Mergen said.

The council approved both permit requests.

City is Y2K ready
City Administrator Dennis Wilde informed the council that he feels the city is Y2K compatible for the turn of the century.

"We have a new generator at the main lift station and another generator at the wells. The city will have water but it won't be filtered if there is a power outage," Wilde said.

Wilde added, "The Stearns County Sheriff's Department has assured me their communication system will work." Mayor Jeff Thompson felt most of the initial concerns have been eased. "We have heard from NSP, Minnegasco, and the county, and I feel we are prepared."

Council member Dennis Zimmerman feels nothing serious will happen at the start of the new year and predicting it would be a nonevent.

In other business
•The council approved declaring the old police vehicle, a 1997 Crown Victoria, surplus property and advertise it for bids.

•The council approved putting in a concrete apron in the alley behind Wally's G&T. The public works committee met with Wally Thyen to clarify what needed to be done to eliminate a water problem in the alley. The water would run to a nearby storm sewer drain.

Thyen agreed to pay the estimated assessment of $2,000. The work would be completed during the 2000 Street Improvement Project.

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