Lake Henry woman starts new venture

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 11/11/97.

Katie Madden, Lake Henry, is in the process of marketing an idea started when she was a child. ďAs a kid, I could envision this face in the shape of Minnesota,Ē she said. ďIn 1985, I decided to have my idea copyrighted. I let the shape of the state dictate the face.Ē

Madden has painted her ďMinnesota characterĒ onto a shirt and is exploring ways of marketing the shirt and other items like stocking caps, sleep shirts, pendants, mugs, etc. ďMy goal is to have everything in the stores and ready for Christmas,Ē she said. She also plans on printing a book in the shape of Minnesota which tells interesting facts about the state.

ďDid you know Minnesota has the highest percent of corporate giving in the nation, has the highest percentage of volunteers, highest number of colleges per capita, is world reknown for its medical facilities, has the highest percentage of Hmong refugees,Ē Madden asked, ďand that our state rock is the agate?Ē

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