City takes well out of service

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 11/11/97.

The city of Paynesville was notified verbally on Nov. 4 that a recent routine water quality test showed a benzene level of 15 ppb (parts per billion) at well #4 located behind city hall.

Because of blending water from the four city wells, the benzene level of the treated water tested 8 ppb, below the maximum contaminate level of 10 ppb.

On Nov. 5, the Department of Health recommended the well be taken out of service until further testing and coordination with the Pollution Control Agency could take place. The well was taken out of service on Thursday, Nov. 6.

ďThis was our best well,Ē Dennis Wilde, city administrator, said. ďBut to play it safe, we took it out of service. The other three city wells have acceptable levels of benzene.Ē Two of the three wells are located south of Highway 23 on the east edge of town and the third well is by the city shop near Cenex on Railroad Street.

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