November Students of the Month
announced in the middle school

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 11/10/99.

November students of the month The Paynesville Area Middle Schoolfaculty have announced the November Students of the Month.

Representing the various grade levels are: sixth grade, Shawn Reinke and Caitlin Lien; seventh grade, Chris Beier and Valerie Callenius; eighth grade, Laura Haagenson and Jon Scheierl.

Pictured at right are: (bottom) Caitlin Lien and Shawn Reinke; (center) Valerie Callenius and Chris Beier; (top) Laura Haagenson and Jon Scheierl.

Caitlin Lien is the daughter of Ray and Lonnie Lien. Her teachers state Lien is a pleasant student, cooperative, motivated, respectful to others, and a hard worker.

She lists working with animals as her hobby.

When asked how she feels about winning this award, Lien replied, "It's okay. I worked hard and paid attention in class."

Shawn Reinke is the son of Craig and Michelle Reinke. His teachers consider him a motivated student, respectful of others, pleasant to have around, and a hard worker.

He is a member of the sixth grade band and choir and serves on the youth advisory council. Reinke lists planets, space, and collecting Star Trek items as his interests.

Reinke was happy and excited about the honor. "I behave in class and get my work in on time," he said.

Valerie Callenius is the daughter of Connie Karger and Wayne Tokach. She is cooperative, a pleasant student who is involved in the class, and is someone who gets along well with others, according to her teachers.

Callenius is a member of the middle school student council, and the seventh grade band and choir. She plays volleyball, basketball, and track.

She likes singing, playing outdoors, biking, rollerblading, and most sports. Other interests include shopping for fashionable clothes and boys.

When asked how she feels about winning this award, Callenius replied, "It was a big surprise, but I am glad I won it for this month. I have been trying hard to improve my grades."

Chris Beier is the son of Tim and Rosie Beier. According to his teachers, Beier is respectful to others and is respected by his peers. Beier comes to class prepared. He is cooperative, and displays leadership.

Beier plays seventh grade basketball, football, and baseball. Beier lists collecting sports cards as his interests.

Beier said he was very excited to win this award. "I have been paying attention in class and staying on task," he added. Laura Haagenson is the daughter of Lowell Haagenson. Laura is considered a hard worker, a creative student who is involved in her school, according to her teachers.

She is a member of the eighth grade choir. In sports, she competes on the basketball, volleyball, and softball teams.

Haagenson considers it an honor to be selected. "I never thought that someone like me could win this award. I think I won it by getting good grades, paying attention in class, and having a good attitude," she added.

Jon Scheierl is the son of Tom and Florence Scheierl. His teachers state he is soft spoken, a thinker, helpful in class, and a responsible individual.

He competes in football and baseball. Scheierl lists his interests as hunting, fishing, and playing Nintendo 64.

Scheierl said he feels great that the teachers nominated him. "I have been paying attention in class and getting my homework done," he added.

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