Richmond considers joining hospital district

This article submitted by Peter Jacobson on 11/4/97.

The Richmond Medical Clinic was the subject of discussion at the regular PAHCS board meeting last week.

Several Paynesville Area Health Care personnel attended a public hearing called by the Richmond City Council in Richmond on Oct. 22. The Richmond Advisory Board had recommended the public hearing to the council for the purpose of discussing joining the hospital district.

Following a study of the present clinic in Richmond, the PAHCS board has recommended that a new clinic be built rather than remodel the present one. The board is interested in some involvement from the city of Richmond on this project, which could include joining the district.

According to those from PAHCS who attended the hearing, most Richmond people at the public hearing seemed in favor of remaining connected to Paynesville, becoming a part of the hospital district, and seeing a new clinic in Richmond. The advisory committee for the Richmond City Council has stopped short of recommending to the council that they join the district.

Willie LaCroix, PAHCS administrator, stated the PAHCS board has not made any decisions concerning conditions that might be put in place before a new Richmond clinic is built. The clinic continues to be busier and busier, and continues to become more outdated with time.

In other business:
ēBids for a new air conditioning unit for the main portion of the hospital are being received. With winter approaching, the temporary air conditioning unit was not being used, and has been removed from service. The new unit will be in place for use next spring.

ēThe board also approved writing a letter of support for the development of a new airport for Paynesville.

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