Eden Lake United Charity drive has a great year

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 11/4/97.

The 27th annual Eden Lake United Charity Fund Drive turned out to be the best year ever.

The planning committee had set their goal at $4,250. The goal was topped when $4,374 was collected.

The money was distributed as follows:
Eden Valley Rescue Squad: $1, 800
Watkins Ambulance 750
Paynesville Ambulance: 500
Eden Valley FoodShelf: 300
Eden Valley Swimming Program: 100
American Cancer Society: 100
American Red Cross: 100
Willmar State Hospital: 100
Courage Center: 100
Salvation Army: 100

The remaining money was added to the Eden Lake Emergency Fund for hardships or disasters within the township.

Next yearís fund drive officers are: Rosemary Ruprecht, president; Doug Stade, treasurer; and Tess Thielen, secretary.

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