LPN contract settled with hospital board

This article submitted by Peter Jacobson on 11/3/98.

Negotiations on the LPN contract for the next two-year period, starting October 1, 1998, were concluded Monday, October 26 with the Paynesville Area Health Care System [PAHCS].

Wage adjustments included a 25-cent per hour increase in the first year of the contract, and a three percent increase the second.

Language changes also needed to be made in the LPN contract that were consistent with changes made between PAHCS and all other employees of the facility. These changes reflect policy changes suggested during the operational review conducted earlier this year and implemented by the PAHCS Board of Directors at their July 1998 meeting.

PAHCS has received official designation as a Rural Health School in cooperation with the University of Minnesota's Medical School. The designation brings with it $53,000 per year that will be used by PAHCS to defray costs associated with the program.

"This program is a win-win for PAHCS, the community, and the University," Willie LaCroix, PAHCS administrator, said. "The involvement of these students with our medical staff and our community is rewarding for all of us."

In other business, the board:
ē approved provisional privileges for Dr. Heather Hollender, Plastic Surgery; Jeffrey Zervas, Ophthalmology; and full privileges for Cindy Firkins Smith, Dermatology; all to the consulting staff.

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