Custodial contract approved by school board

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 11/3/99.

A new two-year custodial contract was approved by the Paynesville Area School Board at their Tuesday night meeting.

Deb Glenz, member of the negotiating team, told the Paynesville Press the custodians received a 14.4 percent for the first year of their contract and 6.95 increase the second year, instead of a lump sum.

"The lump sum helped even out the pay equity between the employees in the past. This will be the first year we will be on track with pay equity and no lump sums," Pat Flanders, member of the negotiating team told the school board.

"Many of the custodians will see a change in their wages," Flanders added. The custodians will also receive $40 yearly to be used toward purchasing new shoes and other small perks.

Informational meeting
The board approved holding a second information meeting on the proposed building project.

Several people had asked if there would be another meeting. Following further discussion, the board set a meeting date for Thursday, Dec. 2, at 7:30 p.m. in the middle school media center.

Curriculum review
The board heard reports from seven different curriculum departments. Departments presenting reprots were: counseling, math, media, special education, foreign language, social studies, and music. All of the departments are working on and implementing new graduation standards.

Jackie Campbell, school counselor, reported she had taken 40 juniors to a college fair and that she had 20 students working as peer helpers.

The need for a second computer lab was mentioned by Denise Landsteiner, elementary math chairperson and Rita Brossard, elementary media and technology chairperson.

"A second computer lab would strengthen the math program and technology as a whole in the elementary level," Landsteiner told the board. Two of the programs which would provide advanced learning opportunities in the math department are math masters and star math program. Brossard informed the board that the elementary computer lab was recently upgraded and is now Y2K compatible.

"Our computer lab is outdated for continuing technology teaching," Brossard added. It is outfitted with LCIIs, does not have Internet capability, no CD roms, and it takes about a half hour to print projects.

Brossard also told the board that a new technology team has been organized in the elementary school to help staff members. Team members are: Eileen Werner, Marlys Sorenson, Barb Werlinger, Todd Burlingame, and Brossard.

Bill Brinkman, high school math chairperson, told the board he could use more geometer sketchpads, spreadsheets, and graphing calculators.

"In the math department, we are trying to curb students math anxieties and to make students more comfortable in math classes," Brinkman added.

Dave Wilke informed the board that eight Spanish students will be heading to Costa Rica on June 5 for the district's first Spanish trip.

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