PAHCS hospital board hears LPN delegation

This article submitted by Peter Jacobson on 11/1/00.

The Paynesville Area Health Care System (PAHCS) Board of Directors heard from a delegation of LPNs at their regular monthly meeting Oct. 26.

The LPNs expressed satisfaction with the $2 per hour raise they received during the last round of negotiations. They expressed dissatisfaction, however, with the timing of their raises, particularly when compared to the RNs. They also pointed out that while they have essentially the same duties as the RNs, the LPNs get paid 60-70 percent of what the RNs are paid.

Willie LaCroix, PAHCS administrator, pointed out to the board and delegation of LPNs that while LPNs and RNs have many of the same responsibilities, RNs are ultimately responsible for decision making while they are the charge nurse, along with some other more technical responsibilities.

LaCroix also stated that the job market drives some of the differences in wages. RNs, particularly in this market area, are in high demand, according to LaCroix. PAHCS board members Donnie Thomes, Rich Philabaum, Mel Jones, and Grace Peteler agreed to serve as a group to meet with other long-term care representatives interested in long-term care. The ability of long-term care facilities to provide adequate care for central Minnesota people in the future is being discussed. Part of the discussion, according to LaCroix, centers on how to take these facilities from an institution to a home for residents.

LaCroix reported that 95 percent of the plans are done for the expansion/renovation project being planned for the facility. Bids will be due Jan. 18, 2001.

"We have pulled out three or four sections of the project to be bid as alternates, in case the bids are higher than expected," according to LaCroix. "Hopefully, it all comes in under budget," he added.

Other business:
The board passed a resolution to accept the annexation of the city of Lake Henry to the hospital district.

The board approved provisional ancillary staff privileges for Gayle C. Goenner, P.A.. She works with Dr. Steven Mulawka.

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