City adopts new water, sewer hookup rates

This article submitted by Peter Jacobson on 11/1/00.

The Paynesville City Council adopted new water and sewer hookup fees at their regular meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 25.

New water hookup rates, effective immediately, are $440 for single family units, and $440 plus $75 per additional apartment or water unit for apartments and other hookups. The $440 fee includes a standard water meter.

The sewer hookup rates increased to $560 for a single family unit, also effective immediately. For apartments and other units, the rate is $550 plus $100 per apartment or other water unit.

Rates were increased to cover actual expenses of hookups and to provide additional funds to be put into a capital improvement fund to be used for future expansion.

The city received a formal proposal from Mediacom indicating their interest in renewing the cable television agreement.

City attorney Bill Spooner advised that the city now has four months to either renew the franchise or issue a preliminary assessment that the franchise should not be renewed.

Spooner recommended that an attorney who specializes in cable issues be used to assist in the paper work necessary to either draft an agreement that is most advantageous to the city or to follow the steps required by law for nonrenewal of the franchise.

The council voted to use the services of Brian Grogen, with the firm of Moss and Barnett, Minneapolis, to assist with cable issues.

Pete Carlson, city engineer, reported there are still several items on the punch list for the 2000 street project and project 55 construction projects. The contractor has not been in any hurry to complete these, according to Carlson, and the retainage will be kept over the winter if they are not done this fall before freeze-up.

A hearing to vacate a small portion of Stearns Avenue south of Highway 55 was held at 6:30 p.m. Following the hearing, the council voted to vacate that portion of the street in order to comply with the city's wellhead protection area protecting the new well installed nearby this summer.

Following the recommendation of Chief of Police Tony Schmitt, the council voted to purchase a mobile computer that will be installed in the squad car. The cost for the initial purchase, set-up and annual charges is $9879 for the first year. Estimated costs for the second and third years were $2468 each year.

The regular city council meeting was closed to the public to discuss pending litigation. Following the opening of the meeting, no decisions were made, and the meeting was adjourned.

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