Paynesville's hometown atmosphere attracts people to community

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 10/27/98.

The trend for many of American rural young people is to seek their livelihood in the big city. Most of the rural counties in Minnesota have been losing population over the last several decades, and the average age of the remaining population is continuing to get older.

One of the discussions in agriculture circles is value added. "How do we add value to our local commodities and stimulate the local economy," according to a news release from Jim Salfer, Stearns County Extension educator.

"I often hear farmers encouraging our most valuable rural resource, our young people to leave and never return," Salfer added.

Paynesville, however, appears to be a contradiction to the trend. There are many young people who have been out into the world and decided they preferred coming back home to work. The community is also attracting people who like the area and decide to retire here.

This story is about both groups of people who have returned to Paynesville to live, work, and enjoy what the community has to offer.

  • Chris Stanley

  • Sarah Baumhardt

  • Paul Bugbee

  • Dale and Lora Lorenz

  • Gary and LaVaughn Swenson

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