Gary and LaVaughn Swenson

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 10/27/98.

Gary and LaVaughn Swenson also picked Paynesville for their retirement home.

Gary worked in the field of education for many years, most recently as superintendent of schools. Consequently, the Swensons have lived in five different communities. They last resided in Hutchinson before coming to Paynesville.

"We had a connection with Paynesville for 15 years as LaVaughn's parents had a summer home on Sandy Point," Gary said. "We were introduced to the community gradually."

The Swensons purchased a summer home on Lake Koronis in 1990.

"The lake is beautiful and so are the people around Paynesville," The Swensons said. "We go to Florida for the winters and always return to Paynesville. The other places don't compare."

"The people around Paynesville are committed to their community. You can see it everywhere from the Senior Center, schools, churches, in the various organizations working together for the betterment of the community," Gary said.

"We looked at the broad base of the community. The educational system is well run and they have a good active school board which reflects the interest of the community in the future of their children," Gary said.

"We have lived in Edina, Hutchinson, and Redwood Falls. Paynesville has it all. We feel fortunate to be here," Gary said.

"We receive a great deal of pleasure from the lake. I'm an avid fisherman and we both enjoy watching the setting sun over the lake," Gary added. "We feel fortunate to be able to live in Paynesville. We have received so much in our lifetime that now it is our turn to give back to the community through our church work and support for others," the Swensons added.

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