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Paynesville Press - October 27, 2004

Other City and Hospital Board Candidates 2004

In all area cities, a two-year term for mayor and two four-year terms on the city council will be up for election on Tuesday, Nov. 2.
City of Lake Henry: Mayor: No Filings; City Council: No Filings

City of Paynesville: Mayor: Jeff Thompson*; City Council: Jeff Bertram and Tom Lindquist Profiles

City of Regal: Mayor: Mike Braun*; City Council: Jim Halvorson* and Marvin Pauly*

City of Roscoe: Mayor: No Filings; City Council: No Filings

City of St. Martin: Mayor: James Rothstein*; City Council: Steve Revermann*
(no filing for second council seat) See profiles below.

For the Paynesville Area Hospital District, four-year terms are up for election in Paynesville, Eden Valley, Eden Lake Township, Regal, St. Martin, and the at-large representative for the entire hospital district. Winning candidates will serve four years on the Paynesville Area Hospital District Board of Directors.
City of Eden Valley: No Filings.

City of Paynesville: Don Anderson* See profile below.

City of Regal: Bob Brauchler*

City of St. Martin: Diane Rothstein*, See profile below.

Eden Lake Township: Ross Amundson & Joe Gruenes* Profiles

At-Large Representative: Doug Ruhland & Carolyn Swyter* Profiles

*Incumbents denoted by asterisks.

St. Martin Mayor

James Rothstein
James Rothstein

Rothstein, the incumbent mayor, is a retired police detective.

Why are you interested in serving as mayor?
To make sure that St. Martin receives its fair share of the taxes we pay. To improve the quality of life in St. Martin.

What will you do, as a council member, to make St. Martin a better place to live?
Repair and upgrade the infrastructure. Increase the quality of our drinking water. Get state aid for our city roads, which the county holds for us.

St. Martin Council

Steve Reverman
Steve Reverman

Reverman, a self-employed contractor, has served on the St. Martin City Council for 16 years. And he has served 27 years on the fire and rescue.

Why are you interested in serving on the city council?
Having served for 16 years, I have seen the city grow, and I feel there is a lot of unfinished business to take care of yet. If re-elected, my interest will be with manageable growth - expand the industrial park, new subdivisions, and quality water.

What will you do, as mayor, to make St. Martin a better place to live?
Be available for the citizens of the city to listen to their concerns; keep working on a state-of-the-art filter system to cut down on the rust in the water. There is also a need to take a good look at our infrastructure to handle growth in the years to come. The city doesn't have the tax base of a larger community but still has the expense of growing pains.

Hospital Board - Paynesville

Don Anderson
Don Anderson

Anderson, a retired pharmacist and semi-retired businessman, has served on the hospital board for 17 years. Prior to that, he served on the school board for 17 years.

Why are you interested in serving on the hospital board?
I can foresee a number of positive and exciting things happening at PAHCS in the coming years. I would like to be a part of them.

What are the most important issues facing PAHCS?
One of the biggest challenges is to keep abreast of proposed legislative changes so that we can be proactive rather than reactive to these changes.

Hospital Board - City of St. Martin

Diane Rothstein
Diane Rothstein

Rothstein has served on the hospital district board of directors since the hospital district was formed in 1992. She currently is board clerk.

Why are you interested in serving on the hospital board?
Serving on the hospital board gives me the opportunity to represent the city of St. Martin. The hospital has serviced many people in our town over the years, including my family. I have been able to give some service back to the hospital through the board and would like to continue by serving another term.

What are the most important issues facing PAHCS?
Financial issues are always on the top of the list of priorities. Providing as many services as possible for the residents of the district, along with quality of care are very important issues that become challenging with today's health care.

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