City and NFCRWD to work together on drainage

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 10/20/98.

The city of Paynesville entered into an agreement with the North Fork Crow River Watershed District (NFCRWD) to make drainage improvements on the east edge of Paynesville in the Morningside Addition.

A berm was constructed several years ago to protect the housing in the area from flooding from rain and snow-melt run-off from the fields to the south. ďThe berm was only a temporary solution,Ē Ron Mergen, public works director, said.

The watershed area is 90 to 95 percent within the township.

The hydrologist with the NFCRWD and engineers from Short Elliott Hendrickson, the cityís engineering firm, will work together to:
ē Analyze the drainage area south of the Morningside addition.

ēAnalyze the nutrient loading within the watershed area .

ēPrepare preliminary design and cost estimates of the recommended improve-ments.

ēProvide recommendations to eliminate flooding in the Morningside area and reduce nutrient loading in the storm water runoff to the river.

One suggested solution was to build a retention pond to catch the water. The feasibility of this option will be explored in the study.

In funding the project, Al Kueseke, watershed district administrator, told the council the cost of the project can be levied to those who benefit from the project or levied across the entire district.

In other business...
ē Pete Carlson, city engineer, informed the council the new west end lift station control panel does not meet specifications. The sub-contractor has been contacted and said they built the panel according to specifications and wonít change the panel.

ďWe can retain the contractors final payment until the situation is resolved,Ē Carlson told the council. ďI feel the subcontractor is trying to get by with something less than required. The panel works fine, but we wonít be able to obtain a warranty on the pumps if the right breakers arenít installed. Ē Carlson explained there is more than enough funds to cover a new panel in the escrow account established with S.J. Louis at the start of the project.
ďS.J. Louis has been made aware there is a problem and we have advised them not to pay the subcontractor,Ē Carlson added.

ēMergen provided the council with the recommended streets for the 2000 street improvement project. Council members were reminded that need for repairs is not always seen on the surface. However, water and sewer mains probably need upgrading.

Streets included on the list were:
ēMill Street from Stearns Avenue to Lake Street.
ēGarfield Avenue from Hoffman Street to Railroad Street.
ēPomeroy Avenue from Hoffman Street to Railroad Street.
ēJames Street from Lake Avenue to Garfield Avenue.
ēRailroad Street from Augusta Avenue to Washburne Avenue.
ēAugusta Avenue from James Street to Rail road Street.
ēKoronis Avenue from Mill Street to Main Street.
ēRichmond Street from Mill Street north to the Nature Park entrance.

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