Elementary choir starts rehearsals

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 10/20/99.

Elementary choir Volunteer students from the fourth and fifth grade meet three days a week to rehearse for a new choir at the Paynesville Area Elementary School.

Under the direction of Charlene Strand, the 50 choir members gather in the music room to learn the dynamics of singing.

The students await direction from Strand (at far right) and warm up with silly songs.

"I love children's choirs as there is no sweeter sound than children singing," Strand said. "The choir will provide the children more opportunities to perform. My hope for the choir is to make each and every student feel important, keep them on task, and encourage them to have a good attitude."

Strand will be introducing the students to choral music with first and second endings, sections, and new concepts. The students are also learning warmups, tempo, and various dynamics of music. "It is important to keep them consistent as possible. There are so many concepts that can be taught," she added.

In January, Strand will hold another sign up period for the choir.

"My goals are to keep the choir numbers separate from the classroom music. I have had a choir in every school where I have taught," Strand said. "They are a fun group to work with."

Members of the choir are expected to attend rehearsals on a regular basis, be punctual in coming and going, perform at scheduled appearances throughout the school year. She stressed that homework comes first as the students are giving up their end of the day study period to sing in the choir.

Strand said the choir will give children more opportunities to have success while preparing them to become productive human beings with not only responsible attitudes but an emotional wellness that comes from the arts.

Strand feels the choir will promote the outstanding young people found within the school. Community performance could include singing at the Paynesville Area Center, the Good Samaritan Care Center, the Koronis Manor and other functions sponsored by local organizations.

The choir's first performance will be at the Veteran's Day program on Thursday, Nov. 11, at 1:30 p.m., in the elementary school auditorium.

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