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Paynesville Press - October 18, 2006

Trail segment being
built from city to lake

By Michael Jacobson

Map of new trail A long-wanted pedestrian trail from the city of Paynesville to Lake Koronis is finally being built.

Construction is currently underway on the two-mile section of the Lake Koronis Recreational Trail from the city to Lake Koronis.

The construction of this segment of the Lake Koronis Recreational Trail is being funded by a $266,000 federal grant and a $95,000 grant from the Department of Natural Resources. With these two grants and bids for construction coming in below estimates, local costs for the two miles of new trail should be minimal, according to trail officials.

The trail route from the city to Lake Koronis starts by Paynesville Area High School and runs along Burr Street. Then it skirts the north edge of the golf course and crosses through two new developments to Hillside Court and Koronis Drive. It follows Co. Rd. 181 south towards Lake Koronis and crosses to run on Cherrywood Road. It separates from Cherrywood in another new development and links with the existing trail on Old Lake Road, which runs to the city beach called Veteran's Memorial Park.

According to the Press archives, the idea of a trail linking the city to the lake dates back at least until the 1970s. In the 1990s, the idea of a trail linking the city to the lake, as well as circling the lake, resurfaced, and a local trail committee was formed.

Paynesville Township built two miles of trail along Old Lake Road in 2001, opened in 2002. Another township road project in 2003 - along Breezewood, Crestridge, and NW Koronis roads - added two more miles of trails.

The section of trail from the city to Lake Koronis is scheduled to be completed by mid-November.

clearing brush Another section of trail - linking the city of Paynesville to the Glacial Lakes State Trail running along Cemetery Road - was also scheduled for construction in 2006, but this was delayed due to uncertainty about MnDOT's plans for Cemetery Road. With MnDOT now committing to rebuilding Cemetery Road, this section of trail could be built in 2007.

Heavy-equipment workers cleared brush from below the golf course to make room for the Lake Koronis recreational Trail last week.

This section of trail will be built with $365,000 in funds from the state bonding bill.

Also, in 2007, the city of Paynesville, Paynesville Township, Meeker County, and Stearns County have committed to spending $80,000 apiece to extend the Lake Koronis Recreational Trail along Baywater Road and south around the lake on CSAH 20. (Meeker County is providing the engineering work as well as their share of the project costs.)

working on trail Another federal grant ($430,000) is expected in 2010 to continue the trail along the south side of the lake, and trail officials recently reopened discussion with the Lake Koronis Assembly Grounds to utilize the camp's property for the last section of the trail, connecting the existing trail on Crestridge Road to the trail currently being built from the city to the lake.

The trail from the city to Lake Koronis starts on Burr Street, running between the city street and the school ballfields at PAHS and PAMS.

In all, over $1.25 million in grants and county aid are currently pledged to the trail project. In addition, $1.5 million has been designated to improving the Glacial Lakes State Trail over the past two bonding bills by the state.

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