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Paynesville Press - October 18, 2006

Township board
schedules winter meetings

The Paynesville Township Board of Supervisors took the following actions at their meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 10. (The board met on Tuesday, instead of Monday, Oct. 9, due to Columbus Day.)

•The board agreed to follow the same schedule for winter meetings as last year: one meeting on the third Monday of November; one meeting on the third Monday of December; no meeting in January; one meeting the second Monday of February; and three meetings in March (on the second Monday, the annual meeting on the second Tuesday, and the organizational meeting on the second Thursday).

•The board approved the vacation of 15 feet of Kohi Road in Koronis Heights. The board held a public hearing concerning this vacation in July and agreed to vacate the portion of the road not needed for the Lake Koronis Recreational Trail (with a section being built from the city to Lake Koronis).

This vacation is 15 feet in width and 147 feet in length.

•The board denied a variance for Neil Anderson to complete a pole barn on his property on 263rd Avenue. The board had held a hearing concerning this variance in September but tabled their decision until Anderson could attend their meeting to discuss it.

Anderson said he needed the storage to run his house moving business, for which his 5.5 acres of property has been classified as a Limited Rural Business.

Anderson wanted a variance for the 1,632 sq. ft. pole barn, but the township estimated that he already has 3,488 sq. ft. of accessory buildings without counting two small sheds. The township zoning ordinance limits accessory buildings on 5.5 acres to 1,650 sq. ft., meaning Anderson already has twice the allowable amount and the variance would have given him three times the amount.

The board advised Anderson, who lives in an agricultural area though his lot is governed by R-10 rules since he owns only 5.5 acres, that the best way for him to proceed is to acquire another 4.5 acres, at which point his property will be treated as agricultural and he could have 25 percent of his property covered by accessory buildings.

Township officials also agreed to aid Anderson and his neighbor, who has expressed some interest in selling property, reach an agreement, with township officials explaining the zoning and other regulations.

•The board discussed a rezoning request by Max Winders, who owns 35 acres zoned as A-40 in Section 25. He would like it zoned as R-5 or R-10 but likely faces opposition at the county. After discussing the issue, the board indicated it would support dividing the property into two lots but not R-5 or R-10 zoning.

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